Rajeev B Lamba – "Having spent almost 20 years in corporate life and 40 plus years in Mumbai city there came a point in my life when I felt like doing something more for myself. As a Punjabi kid and being a foodie I always travelled by train and associated each station with some food item like Agra for Petha, Mathura for Pedha, Ratlam for Sev Gathiya and Dahanu Road for Chickoos. I used to always wonder how come this coarse fruit is so sweet. As a grown up my quest for a simple yet sustainable living brought me to Dahanu-Gholvad belt which is a green-zone about 120 Kms from Mumbai and I just fell in love with the idea of owning a chickoo plantation. Thus, in Jul 2016 I quit my lucrative corporate job with an MNC to pursue this dream. Not that I didn’t enjoy my corporate job but I realised that being attached to the land was more enjoyable. We all have romantic ideas of living a simple village life as seen in videos on the internet, but I soon realised that I’m still very much dependent on material and city comforts, therefore practically had to take a middle path which wasn’t too radical and discomforting"

Nest farm is an effort towards sustainable living but without taking sustainability to extreme. We would like to welcome all our friends and friends of friends, people who either are toying with the same thoughts, already into sustainability or just want to experience simple joys of farm living on weekends and holidays. We welcome you all with an open heart and in turn yearn to learn more from you.

What can you expect to see there – water harvesting, chickoo plantation and processing green energy, ethical dairy and free range poultry etc.

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