Many of us dream of getting away from polluted and crowded cities to calm and quite village life. For this peace and tranquility we often do small break fixes of staying in nature resorts and expensive locales on weekends and holidays; often sleeping in similar types of rooms, eating the same type of meal spreads and doing almost the same activities.

Nest farm is a lush green, sustainable organic Chickoo (Sapota) plantation in an ecologically sensitive zone in Dahanu, where you can explore sustainable living and experience calm and peace of the village living.

Nest farm welcomes you both as a volunteer to partake in the day to day function of our farm and as a guest where you can stay and relax with us. Setting the right expectation is essential therefore you can expect essentials and hygiene, not luxury!

Your participation and visit will not only bring unadulterated joy to you and your family but also employment opportunities to the Adivasi and village communities around the farm.

Writers block
We strongly recommend this place if you’re a writer and suffering a writer’s block. You can be assured that your creative juices will start flowing once you enter the peaceful farm area.

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